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JH UIL Results

 Art  7th Grade

2nd Place Team
 Grace Hale, 3rd Place
Hailey Perez, 4th Place
Ethan Ramirez, 6th Place
 Dictionary8th Grade  Taylor Lehman, 5th Place
David Counselman, 6th Place
 Editorial Writing 8th Grade Cherish Dunlap, 3rd Place
 Modern Oratory 8th Grade Reece Redden, 5th Place
 Social Studies 8th Grade Payton Deichler, 3rd Place
 Maps, Graphs, Charts 8th Grade Payton Deichler, 3rd Place
 Number Sense 8th Grade Ty Cox, 6th Place
 Impromptu 8th Grade Cherish Dunlap, 3rd Place
 Chess 8th Grade Ty Cox, 6th Place

Utopia Receives Distinction Designation in Mathematics

TEA just issued the 2016-17 School Report Card for Utopia School. We once again received the highest rating of "Met Standard" and this year received distinction in Mathematics. 
2016-17 School Report Card Sumamry: Utopia Met Standard and received distinction in Mathematics

2017 Elementary Christmas Program Thursday Dec 16th at 6pm in the Cafeteria

Elementary UIL Results

Storytelling 1st Grade  Kenzie Davis, 5th Place
Lizzy Duke, 6th Place
     2nd Grade Madison Settles, 3rd Place
  3rd Grade Emily Wiekamp, 2nd Place
Max Feller, 4th Place
 Spelling 3rd Grade Max Feller, 4th Place
 Ready Writing 3rd Grade

1st Place Team
 Aurora McAdams, 1st Place
Cheyenne Westbrook, 5th Place
Angelina McAllen, 6th Place
  4th Grade Chloe Schustereit, 3rd Place
  5th Grade Addison Burgin, 2nd Place
Taylor Wiekamp, 4th Place
 Oral Reading
 4th Grade Hallie Moore, 2nd Place
  5th GradeAddison Burgin, 4th Place 
  6th Grade Nicole Duke, 3rd Place
 Chess Puzzle    5th Grade Krisjen Manis, 4th Place
Christopher Culver, 5th Place
  6th Grade Michale McFadin, 4th Place
 Listening 5th Grade

2nd Place TEAM
 Dusty Charleton, 3rd Place
Taylor Wiekamp, 5th Place
Max Feller
 6th Place  Lilly Moore, 1st Place
Jonnathan Cantu, 5th 
 Dictionary Skills 5th Grade Christopher Culver, 2nd Place
 Maps, Graphs & Charts 5th Grade Noah Olivas, 5th Place
 Number Sense    5th Grade

1st Place Team
 Taylor Wiekamp, 2nd Place
Dusty Charleton, 3rd Place
Noah Olivas
  6th Grade

1st Place Team
 Lilly Moore, 1st Place
Jonnathan Cazares, 4th Place
Kayla Looper
 Editorial Writing6th Grade  Taya Bohannon, 5th Place
 Calculator 6th Grade Kayla Looper, 1st Place
Jonathan Cantu, 3rd Place

New Long Sleeve Spirit Shirts

There are new long sleeve spirit shirts available in the school library. $20 each.
Long Sleeve Spirit Shirit
Long Sleeve Spirit Shirt

FFA Annual Christmas Formal

Box Tops for Education

The next Box Top collection will be in February! Keep collecting over the holidays to help support the Library.

Application for Transfer to Utopia ISDPDF Form

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