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College Credit:

There are several courses that students can take to earn college credit. Courses are offered by Southwest Texas Junior College or by University of Texas at Permian Basin and coordinated through the Utopia ISD Counselor. Students must take the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSI) Accuplacer before enrolling in dual credit courses. Please see the counselor to register for the test, or see if you are exempt based on STAAR scores..

Southwest Texas Jr. College
Dual Credit Courses:
Dual Credit Courses:
English Composition 1301 English Composition 1302ENGL 1301 : Composition I ENGL 1302: Composition II PLSC 2305 American National Politics
College Algebra 1314 Plane Trig 1316 ENGL 2322: British Literature to 1800 ENGL 2323: British Literature since 1800 MUSC 1301: Jazz, Pop, and Rock
Government 2301 Economics 2301 ENGL 2327: American Literature to 1865 ENGL 2328: American Literature since 1865 PSYC 1301: Intro to Psychology
Physical Geology 1403 Part 1 Physical Geology 1403 Part 2 HIST 1301: US to 1877 HIST 1302: US since 1877 SOC 1301: Intro to Sociology
College Credit Only:ART 1301: Art AppreciationCOMM 1315: Intro to Public SpeakingCRIM 2336: Intro to Criminology
Fall US History 1301 MATH 1314: College Algebra MATH 2412: Pre-Calculus MATH 2413: Calculus I
Spring US History 1302 SPAN 1411: Beginning Spanish I SPAN 1412: Beginning Spanish IISPAN 2311 - Second Year Spanish I
SummerGeneral Psychology 2301SPAN 2312 - Second Year Spanish IIENGR 1204: ENGR Graphics