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Classes Resume on Jan 5, 2015

The UISD Tax Office will be open on December 31st from 8 AM to 4 PM.

Congratulations to the Nueces-Frio-Sabinal Soil and Water Conservation Essay winners: Haleigh B., 10th grade and Kaylie V., 7th grade. Both will receive a check for $100. The students researched the topic, Soil and Water Conservation in Texas - as related to agriculture and wrote a 300 word essay.

Elementary UIL Results

  • Hallie M. -- 5th Place Storytelling
  • Addison B. -- 2nd Place Storytelling
  • Anna F. -- 3rd Place Creative Writing
  • Taylor W. -- 5th Place Creative Writing
  • Chloe L. -- 1st Place Ready Writing
  • Taylor L. -- 3rd Place Listening Skills, 3rd Place Art Smart
  • Ty C. -- 5th Place Art Smart
  • Ethan F. -- 6th Place Art Smart
  • Celsey S. -- 1st Place Art Smart
  • Kayley P. -- 4th Place Art Samart
  • Kyler K. -- 6th Place Number Sense, 5th Place Impromptu Speaking
  • Braxton V. -- 1st Place Impromptu Speaking
  • Taylor L., Ty C., & Ethan F. -- 2nd Place Team Art Smart
  • Cherish D., Taylor L., & Ty C. -- 2nd Place Team Listening Skills

Junior High UIL Results

  • Andrew P. -- 5th Place Impromptu Speaking
  • Darren S. -- 5th Place Listening Skills, 3rd Place Social Studies
  • Britten S. -- 6th Place Listening Skills, 6th Place in Science & 6th Place Mathematics
  • Tina R. -- 5th Ready Writing
  • Karlei J. -- ? Place in Dictionary Skills, 4th Place Listening Skills, 5th Place Spelling
  • Calsey K. -- 2nd Place Editorial Writing, 6th Place Mathematics, 3rd Place Oral Reading
  • Katie L. -- 6th Place Editorial Writing, 2nd Place Oral Reading
  • Delaney B. -- 6th Place Oral Reading
  • Dakota B. -- 5th Place Ready Writing
  • Kyle L. -- 6th Place Art Smart
  • Darren S. & Britten S. -- 2nd Place Team Listening Skills
  • Ashley M., Joezlyn R., & Kyle L. -- 1st Place Team Dictionary Skills
  • Britten S., Kyle L., & Darren S. -- 2nd Place Team Science
  • Darren S., Andrew P., & Destin D. -- 1st Place Team Social Studies
  • Karlei J., Katie L., & Calsey K. -- 3rd Place Team Listening Skills
  • Britten S., Andrew P., & Kyle L. -- 3rd Place Team Art Smart

4H Food and Nutrition District Results -- The District Competition was at Texas State University. Lanie P. placed 5th in the Junior Dairy. Delaney B. placed 4th in Intermediate Grains. Calsey K placed 3rd in Intermediate Fruit and Vegetable.

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