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Counselor's Corner

STAAR/EOC Test Reporting Changes

New Testing levels have been determined by the state:
  • Masters Grade Level (Passing) – Performance in this category indicates that students are expected to succeed in the next grade or course with little or no academic intervention.
  • Meets Grade Level (Passing) – Performance in this category indicates that students will have a high likelihood of success in the next grade or course but may still need some short-term, targeted academic intervention.
  • Approaches Grade Level (Passing) – Performance in this category indicates that students are likely to succeed in the next grade or course with targeted academic intervention.
  • Does Not Meet Grade Level – Performance in this category indicates that students are unlikely to succeed in the next grade or course without significant, ongoing academic intervention.
Parents are encouraged to visit the state's website (  to learn more.

Gifted & Talented 

Fall 2016 SWTJC Dual Credit Deadlines

Last Day to Apply: August 12th
Last Day to Test: August 18th
First Day of Class: August 22nd
Last Day to Pay Tuition: September 7th
More Information

2016-2017 Testing Dates:

ASVAB: Tuesday, September 13, 2016
PSAT: Wednesday, October 19, 2016
ACT: September 10th, October 22nd, December 10th, Feb 11th, April 8th, June 10th 
Register at
SAT: Oct 1st, Nov 5th, Dec 3rd, Jan 21st, March 11th, May 6th and June 3rd (Dates are anticipated only, subject to change)
Utopia will be a testing site for the January, March and May administrations of the SAT. Our testing center number is 42-157.
Register at College Board.

UISD Graduation Plans:

Texas On Course -- a website by the State preparing Students for College and Careers

 STEM Endorsement    Business and Industry Multi-Disciplinary   Public Service  Arts and Humanities
STEM Endorsement
Business and Industry Endorsement
Multi-Disciplinary Endorsement
Public Service Endorsement
Arts and Humanities Endorsement

College Credit:

There are several courses that students can take to earn college credit. Courses are offered by Southwest Texas Junior College or by University of Texas at Permian Basin and coordinated through the Utopia ISD Counselor. Students must take the Texas Success Initiative Assesment (TSI) Accuplacer before enrolling in dual credit courses. Please see the counselor to register for the test, or see if you are exempt based on STAAR scores.

 Southwest Texas Jr. College 

Dual Credit Courses:



Dual Credit Courses:

 Fall  Spring

 English Composition 1301  English Composition 1302 ENGL 1301 : Composition I    ENGL 1302: Composition II  PLSC 2305 American National Politics
 College Algebra 1314  Plane Trig 1316  ENGL 2322: British Literature to  1800  ENGL 2323: British Literature since 1800  MUSC 1301: Jazz, Pop, and Rock
 Government 2301  Economics 2301  ENGL 2327: American Literature to 1865  ENGL 2328: American Literature since 1865  PSYC 1301: Intro to Psychology
 Physical Geology 1403 Part 1  Physical Geology 1403 Part 2  HIST 1301: US to 1877  HIST 1302: US since 1877  SOC 1301: Intro to Sociology

 College Credit Only:

   ART 1301: Art Appreciation  COMM 1315: Intro to Public Speaking  CRIM 2336: Intro  to Criminology
 Fall  US History 1301  MATH 1314: College Algebra  MATH 2412: Pre-Calculus    MATH 2413: Calculus I

 Spring  US History 1302  SPAN 1411: Beginning Spanish I  SPAN 1412: Beginning Spanish II SPAN 2311 - Second Year Spanish I
 Summer  General Psychology 2301  SPAN 2312 - Second Year Spanish II ENGR 1204: ENGR Graphics  

Financial Aid:

Seniors and parents of seniors, please apply for your FAFSA PIN number and start filling our your income taxes as soon as possible. 

Community Scholarships will be posted below as they become available.  Please pay close attention to deadlines and start working on essays and letters of recommendation early.

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